About Jenn Krack

Jenn Krack

Design & Development Manager

Jenn Krack is the Design and Development Manager at OLIO, bringing 20 years of experience to the role. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Philadelphia University (now known as Thomas Jefferson University). She oversees the entire property development process, from site selection through analysis, design, and construction permitting. She collaborates with both internal and external partners, ensuring the efficient use of department resources, and manages project schedules.

Before joining OLIO, Jenn held significant positions, including Senior Design Manager at Globeatelie, Manager of Store Design at Lane Bryant/Charming Shoppes, and Interior Designer at D2 Solutions. Her diverse background has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective in the field.

Jenn’s career is marked by notable achievements, including her contribution to the development of the flagship Lane Bryant location on 34th St in Manhattan, a project that garnered recognition in VMSD (Visual Merchandising and Store Design) before its closure. She also played a key role in designing and managing the LEED Accreditation process for SKF’s Pennsylvania headquarters, which achieved LEED Platinum status, marking the first such award in the state. Additionally, Jenn led the design efforts for the first time Taco Bell Cantina in the Pacific Northwest. Jenn’s extensive experience and numerous achievements make her an invaluable asset to OLIO’s design and development team.