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Market Research, Site Selection, and Deal-Making with OLIO Real Estate

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Expansion Strategy

Your Space to Grow

Guided by your parameters and using our years of expertise, OLIO Re will carefully research and validate potential locations for your expansion. Then we’ll close the deal with acquisition and leasing solutions to get you open faster.

  • Transparent reliable communication via weekly reports
  • Expert balancing of your growth goals, strategy, and budget
  • Diligent market research for confident site selections
  • Assistance and support in deal-making and acquisitions

How We find the perfect site

1. Needs and Objectives

We create a plan outlining the recommended course of action.

  • Assessment of existing real estate portfolio
  • Analysis of market and competitor trends
  • Target market research including population density, demographics, consumer behavior patterns, and more

2. Site Selection

We help you identify specific sites that are the right fit for your growth plan.

  • Visibility and proximity to major traffic drivers or desirable co-tenants
  • Site accessibility, visibility, and optimized parking and circulation
  • Careful analysis of the feasibility of each potential location

3. Approval

We’ll strategically negotiate the acquisition of your new expansion location.

  • Negotiate lease or purchase agreements
  • Conduct the final due diligence on the site
  • Navigate the approval and closing process

Our Services

We’re proactive and transparent at every stage of your real estate process. We send consistent weekly reports to all parties reviewing the deal pipeline, goals met (or not met), meetings held, LOIs, and more.
Market Research
Conduct void analysis and usage considerations. We match your target demographics and revenue goals to the realities of traffic, accessibility, cost of acquisition and rent, and more.
Site Selection
Site selection is never one-size-fits-all. We’re your feet on the ground to search for a perfect site that fits your needs and deliver our recommendations in an easy-to-digest report.
Deal Structuring
Get approval faster with a fair deal for all parties involved. We assist with leasing, build-to-suit, and reverse build-to-suit to help avoid the front-loaded costs of a new build.
Land Acquisition
We’ll develop the land ourselves, parcel it out, and re-zone it to fit your needs. Interested in a build-to-suit agreement?

It’s our mission to identify and acquire the right sites

Sage Gardner

Senior Real Estate Manager

“It’s our mission to identify and acquire the right sites, in targeted trade areas, at the most favorable terms. Partnering with our clients or tenants, we compile key analytic indicators – market intel, competitor performance, demographic data etc. – as the building blocks to make strategic real estate decisions. My team synthesizes this data and utilizes the “art of the deal” to transact and propel development goals forward.”

Together Is the Way we work.
Our processes are built from years of expertise, anchored in relationships. Our weekly in-depth reports, transparent communication, and collaboration are what makes development projects work. It’s why we’ve built up our team to be filled with people who care about the project and the people involved.
Transparent. 5 OxBlue cameras placed on each site for visibility into daily progress.
Accountable. 1273 weekly progress reports sent and counting.
Collaborative. 850+ subcontractors, vendors, and companies we’ve worked with.
Driven. 0 weekends scheduled. We get the job done when we say we will.

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