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Hit your growth goals with OLIO Dv. From your first fit plan to Phase I investigations, Atlas surveys, geotechnical, design, zoning, and approvals, we’ll work alongside you to set a realistic timeline, budget, and clear expectations.

  • Transparent reliable communication via weekly reports
  • Site analysis and detailed project evaluations
  • Building design and construction plans
  • Approvals and entitlements

How We make your project happen

1. Pre-Development

We conduct a careful site analysis of your project based on the location’s unique characteristics.

  • Research zoning regulations
  • Evaluate topography, soil, and other environmental conditions
  • Determine infrastructure and site accessibility

2. Design

We work with you to develop a design custom-fit for your needs and objectives.

  • Design recommendations based on cost, functionality, and aesthetics
  • Conceptual designs from site to space planning
  • Coordination with professional services to deliver full construction documents

3. Approvals

We navigate the property’s required approvals by researching and meeting with local municipalities.

  • Prepare a detailed property report containing all jurisdictional approvals and timeframes
  • Provide site plans, floor plans, elevations, and construction details as needed
  • Obtain building permits, entitlements, and other needed approvals

Our Services

We’re proactive and transparent at every stage of your development process.
With us you get weekly reports reviewing milestones, budgeting updates, approval processes, entitlements, and more.
We use our years of experience to underwrite a realistic real-world scenario for your property development.
Due Diligence
Get a clear picture of your project from the start with Phase I and II studies, Alta Surveys, and geotechnical reports.
From fit plan to renderings, our professional LS services team will help bring your vision to life.
We do it all—understanding requirements, obtaining permits, attending hearings, and even picking up paperwork.
No site starts out perfect. We work hard to obtain easement approvals or land-use changes to make sure the property is buildable and functional.

We transform visionary ideas into tangible plans

“As a Development and Design Team, we collectively act as conductors of creativity and practicality. We collaboratively transform visionary ideas into tangible plans, navigating the intricate landscape of design, entitlements, and permitting.”

Together Is the Way we work.
Our processes are built from years of expertise, anchored in relationships. Our weekly in-depth reports, transparent communication, and collaboration are what makes development projects work. It’s why we’ve built up our team to be filled with people who care about the project and the people involved.
Transparent. 5 OxBlue cameras placed on each site for visibility into daily progress.
Accountable. 1273 weekly progress reports sent and counting.
Collaborative. 850+ subcontractors, vendors, and companies we’ve worked with.
Driven. 0 weekends scheduled. We get the job done when we say we will.

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