About Casey OConnell

Casey OConnell

Senior Accountant

Casey OConnell is a seasoned Sr. Accountant at OLIO, bringing 9 years of experience to his role. He obtained his degree from The Ohio State University, equipping him with a strong educational foundation. Casey plays a crucial role in managing the accounting and compliance department. His responsibilities encompass overseeing financial operations, ensuring accurate financial reporting, and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. Casey’s expertise in financial analysis and attention to detail contributes to the efficient and effective management of OLIO’s financial matters.

Before joining OLIO, Casey held positions as an Audit Associate at KPMG and a Sr. Accountant at Cardinal Health. This experience has provided him with a diverse skill set and a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and practices. With 9 years of experience and dedication to excellence, Casey plays an integral role in maintaining the financial health and compliance of OLIO.