About Brian Gunnoe

Brian Gunnoe


With an impressive 25 years of experience, Brian Gunnoe holds a pivotal role as a Partner at OLIO Development Group. Brian’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Communications and History, providing him with a well-rounded perspective. In his current position, Brian takes on a strategic development role, focusing on the growth and management of the OLIO Real Estate Portfolio and the promotion of the OLIO brand on a national scale.

Prior to assuming to current role as Partner, Brian served as the president of OLIO, showcasing his leadership capabilities and dedication to the company’s success. Throughout his career, Brian has consistently demonstrated his expertise and passion for the development industry.

With his extensive experience and strategic mindset, Brian plays a vital role in shaping the future of OLIO Development Group. His contributions are instrumental in expanding the company’s real estate portfolio and elevating the OLIO brand.