About Patrick Corbett

Patrick Corbett

Director of Preconstruction

With over 30 years of industry experience, Patrick Corbett is a highly skilled professional serving as the Director of Preconstruction at OLIO. Patrick obtained his degree from The Ohio State University, providing him with a strong educational foundation. In his current role, Patrick’s primary focus is on budgeting and estimating projects, ensuring accurate and efficient project planning.

Throughout his career, Patrick has held various positions within OLIO, including Director of Construction, Project Manager, and Estimator. His versatility and willingness to take on different roles demonstrates his dedication to the success of the company. Additionally, Patrick had his own commercial art and design studio, Dragonfly Design, LTD, where he worked with commercial retailers, TV commercials tradeshows and corporate event staging. His artistic talents extended to completing murals in commercial offices and downtown buildings.

Patrick finds immense satisfaction in the challenges that the industry presents. He values the continuous learning opportunities that come with his work, and he greatly appreciates the relationships he has built both within the OLIO office and with clients and vendors outside. His dedication to his craft and the people he works with contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment.