Keith Killen


During construction, I work on site every day to keep the project moving according to plan. It is my job to oversee and coordinate all the teams and professionals in the field responsible for executing the construction drawings and turning the plans into reality. I keep one eye on the schedule and budget and the other on the quality of the deliverables. I help the vendors interpret the drawings and troubleshoot any issues that arise, and I work with the engineers, architects, and project owners to successfully execute their vision. Each day is about setting up the next day’s success. My goal is to provide the oversight needed to meet each day’s goals in order to set the stage for the teams and the work scheduled for the next day. So many hardworking people come together to make each project a reality. I have a responsibility to them and to the project owner to ensure everyone is in a position to do his or her job successfully.

About my career:

I joined OLIO in February 2018, bringing with me years of experience in the construction industry. I’ve worked in the field to build major big box retail facilities as well as to build or repurpose buildings for companies such as Starbucks, Panda Express, T-Mobile, and Taco Bell. I’ve served as a construction estimator for the Department of Homeland Security following Hurricane Katrina, helping federal facilities determine the necessary work needed to bring buildings back up to code in the aftermath of the storm. I earned my degree in construction engineering from the University of Akron.