Kait Bankey

Assistant Project Manager

I work to reduce risk in the development process. This includes managing contracts, lien waivers, and insurance documentation for all vendors working on a project as well as completing all necessary compliance reporting. My work helps protect OLIO, our partners, and our project owners. Most importantly, being organized and staying up to date on all requirements ensures that, in the event of an onsite accident or issue, problems can be quickly resolved. This enables projects to stay on track, ultimately saving time, money, and headaches for all parties involved. I strive to bring efficiency to all areas of the business. I enjoy troubleshooting and finding ways to streamline processes in the compliance arena as well as throughout the organization. I take pride in being the in-house expert on Procore®, our team’s construction management software. And I pinch hit wherever I can to help my coworkers meet and exceed project owners’ expectations.

About my career:

Organization and communication are my strong suits. I’ve worked previously as an office assistant and have extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Working in a public setting with a wide range of people has helped me hone my skills and understand what it takes to meet and exceed customer expectations. As OLIO’s first compliance coordinator, I’ve had the opportunity to help define what the position means for the company and help grow the role to best serve all stakeholders. I graduated from The Ohio State University where I studied English with a professional writing and communications focus.