Chaz Smith


I help find the right answers to keep jobs moving forward. As a superintendent, I work closely with the various teams on the construction site to build each project according to the drawings and specifications. If a vendor has a question, I either provide the answer or find the party who can. I help facilitate the flow of information between the architects, engineers, and project owner and the people doing the work on site so every project ultimately meets the vision of the owner. Project schedules, budgets, and accuracy are all my number one priority. Project work needs to stay on track and in scope, but at the same time, every job must be done correctly and to the best of our ability. I help manage all aspects of the project and aim to meet or exceed the owner’s expectations at each step.

About my career:

My dad was a superintendent and I’ve followed in his footsteps. He was my first boss and mentor, and I got my start in the industry at 10 years old, which has afforded me the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business. I’ve worked as a trim carpenter and surveyor as well as a project manager of retail and a project manager of woodworking. These various roles have provided me with valuable experience in everything from handling contracts and financing, to ordering materials and overseeing installation, to serving the client and project owner. Throughout my career, I’ve worked to enhance my time management and communication skills, both of which are essential as a superintendent.